Finance and Accounting

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About Course

An introduction to the most important skills and most applicable tools of finance, budgeting, and financial accounting.

About this course

In this course you will learn to understand the “language of business” – to measure, process and communicate financial information of companies. In order to do so, you will get familiar with the most important financial statements and financial accounting techniques.

You will learn to prepare and analyse balance sheets, income statements, and use financial ratios. You will understand the principles of Return on Assets and Return on Equity. And you will learn finance essentials such as the Present Value and Future Value.

You will also receive a short case study of Adidas and Nike that summarizes the key takeaways of this course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding accounting techniques & financial data
  • Analyzing financial statements and reports
  • Evaluating financial performance of businesses and projects

About the instructor

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Welcome to Finance and Accounting!

2. Basics of Accounting

  • Accounting or accountancy
  • Vocabulary
  • Accounting Principles
  • Accrual vs. Cash Accounting

3. Accounting Equation

  • basic accounting equation
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Owners’ Equity
  • The Equation

4. Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping
  • Journal Entries
  • Debits and Credits

5. Financial Statements

  • Financial statements
  • Why Statements?
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

6. Financial Analysis

  • Financial Analysis
  • Why Financial Analysis?
  • Profit Margin
  • Current Ratio
  • Debt-to-Equity Ratio
  • Return on Equity (ROE)

7. Time Value of Money

  • Time value of money (TVM)
  • What is TVM?
  • Simple and Compound Interest

8. Budgets

  • Why Budgets?
  • Types of Budgets
  • Variance Analysis

9. Financial Markets

  • Financial Markets

10. Case Study: Adidas & Nike

  • Adidas & Nike

Finance and Accounting – Exam

  • course quiz!